where we work


Bor Area Office is located at Block 1 in Bor town, Jonglei state

·        The Office contacts are: Email: topista.cina@gmail.com

Tel: +211 916 319813 or + 211 915008529

Twic East Area Office:

·        CINA’s Area office in Twic East is located in Panyagor headquarters, Twic East County, Jonglei State, next to Commissioner’s Office.

·        Contacts:Email: stephenmarow.cina@gmail.com;

Tel:  0915265584/09149872

Awerial Area Office:

·         Awerial Area Office is located in Humanitarian Hub, Mingkaman, Awerial county, Lakes

·        Contacts: Email: simonayuen83@gmail.com; Tel: + 211 923242933

Duk Area Office:

·        Duk Area office is located in Poktap, near Main Garages (stores), Duk, Jonglei

·       Contacts:Email: dengyak.cina@gmail.com